"A wonderful place where I found peace, relax and my own space.. a good place to hide from the rush. It has a very helpful and interesting staff, a beautiful sand garden and a fire place where we used to sit and play some music and have nice talking. The food is really good and tasty!! I enjoyed this place a lot!"
Josefina Garat, Uruguay

"SUKHA’S PLACE is a calm place just 15 minutes walk away from Pushkar, away from the sounds of cars and roads! I really liked the sandy open spaces and the alley of small flowering bushes. The place is ideal for who love to have an exchange with other travelers, here they come from all over the world, and we sat all together at a long table for dinner in the evening."
Laurence Francoise Cathérine, France

"It’s good life at SUKHA’S PLACE, it’s tranquil, it has space, it’s beautiful.. as well as the persons here who make the place alive. The birds all around are wonderful ... It’s a perfect place for making meditation and yoga. Everything is simply great."
Mara E Thomas, France

"The bungalows are clean, private and comfortable, they make a peaceful retreat for the evenings and with the sun streaming in, in the mornings, it is the perfect atmosphere to begin your day in."
Kate Syme-Lamont, Australia


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